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Who is Project PC?

Project PC is an innovative and versatile company committed to working with you to solve your business or personal Internet-related needs.

This sole proprietorship; located in Simi Valley, California was founded by Sharon D. Perrone in 1998.

What is our philosophy?

We'd like to tell you a bit about our design philosophy.

Almost anyone can put a Web site together these days.

With products like Homestead and Tripod's Sitebuilder or Geocities Pagebuilder on the market, along with a multitude of others, you can create your own Web site with relative ease.

Designing an effective Web site and promoting it for a profitable business is another story.

For your ideas to come alive, you should have at least some understanding of the intricacies of the Hyper Text Markup Language -- or HTML -- the language used to prepare documents for viewing on the World Wide Web (WWW).

But is just that knowledge enough?

While content is likely the single most important element of an effective Web site, other factors should be considered. Is the site visually appealing? Well organized? Easy to navigate? Does it download quickly? Can your visitors readily find what they're looking for? And finally, will they even be able to find your site?

We're confident that the answer to all of these will be "yes" if you choose us to design your Web site.

The simple fact of the matter is that it takes time to develop the skills necessary to implement a successful Web Site.

Consider that for a fraction of the cost, you can let Project PC handle those issues while you focus on your business.

We work one-on-one with our customers to develop overall project objectives such as timeline, budget, and scope of work. You can depend on Project PC to support your business during all phases.

Project PC knows Web design.

Web technologies change so rapidly that it's difficult to keep up. We stay on top of new developments to ensure that we can meet your needs with the best design solution possible. It's our business.

We can help you to develop a site that's geared to your needs, your target audience and your budget.

Here's how we'll do it.

If your site requires custom graphics, we'll create them for you using professional design tools like Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator. Because we're a 'bandwidth-conscious' shop, we'll optimize your images to ensure they download quickly without forsaking quality.

We pride ourselves on our organizational abilities.

Your site will be easy to navigate, so that even an inexperienced 'surfer' will be able to find their way around without difficulty.

Once your site design is complete, we'll register it with a number of popular search engines on your behalf. (We can't guarantee that all search engines will index your site; however, we'll do all that we can to get it registered with as many as possible.)

But that's not all we'll do.

We think the possibilities are endless.

Just putting a Web site online and registering it with the various search engines will not guarantee its success. We can also help you to develop a marketing plan that enables you to get the most mileage out of your Web site.

With our technical writing experience, we can assist you in compiling your site's content, if required.

If your Web site needs a 'home' once it's complete, we will help you to select a Web Hosting service.

We will also offer domain name registration services, too.

You're probably wondering what all this could cost you. Because design requirements are different in each case, we're unable to provide a set fee schedule. However, we do offer specially priced packages and a menu of services ala ‘Carte at our hourly rate.

If you'd like a cost estimate, please contact us at projectpc@sbcglobal.net

Our clients are our business.

And we know it. After all, we wouldn't even be here if it weren't for them.

That means we go out of our way to provide our clients with the utmost customer service and support.

We'll answer your questions thoroughly and quickly, using terminology you'll understand.

Throughout the course of our relationship with you, chances are that we'll also ask a lot of questions so that we can be better prepared to address your individual needs and concerns.

Our inquisitive nature also helps us to gain a more complete understanding of the nature and scope of your business. With that in hand, you can be assured that your Web site will accurately reflect your needs.

We guarantee it.



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