Project PC Chat

Project PC Chat is provided by Sharon D. Perrone aka Shoosh.  Welcome!

Sorry, your browser is not Java-enabled, you will not be able to chat.

To begin, enter your ZOOM.COM "user name" and "password", press on the "Ok, Connect" button, and you are ready to chat.  Email and full name is optional.

To use the chat room you must be a member of XOOM.COM, if you are not you can click here to join the XOOM.COM community.   It's absolutely free.

Type in your message in the text box at the bottom portion of the chat window.  By default your message is sent to all users - to send a message to a selected user, select on the 'Single user' radio button and then highlight the user from the users list on the right.

There are several 'Advanced' features that you may want to try out - see User Commands

And of course we request you to remember to keep the discussions civil, in particular avoiding obscenities and/or other offensive language. Remember kids read this too.

To screen out obnoxious users, click on the User name and then click on "Ignore User"